Care of Baby's Eyes, Nose, Mouth and Ears

No special care of the eyes, nose, mouth, or ears is indicated, but here are some issues to look out for with your newborn.  

Yellow drainage from both eyes sometimes accompanied by redness or swelling may occur during the first five to seven days of life. This is secondary to eye drops administered in the hospital. If there is excessive drainage and redness of the eyelids, contact your physician.

Wax-like secretions (cerumen) from the ear can be wiped easily from the outer ear with a cotton swab. Soap and water on a wash cloth may be used to clean the ear. Do not attempt to clean the ear by inserting a Q-tip into the ear canal.

All infants sneeze. Excessive nasal secretions should be cleaned with gentle aspiration by the rubber ear bulb syringe. Be sure to clean the bulb syringe daily with soap and hot water and rinse well.

Should white plaques develop on your baby’s cheeks and gums which resemble milk curds, call the office. This could be thrush which is easily treatable. White plaques confined only to the tongue are usually not thrush.