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Baby's Skin

Care of Newborn's Skin 

Normal newborn skin often peels, but usually does not require any ointments or creams. Oils and greasy ointments block sweat glands and may cause a rash. If the skin becomes excessively dry or cracked, a baby lotion or moisturizing cream may be applied sparingly twice a day.

Almost all babies have some breast swelling which is due to hormone changes. This swelling will resolve and no special attention is necessary.

Jaundice is a term used to describe a yellow color of the baby’s skin. It usually appears on the second or third day of life in a full-term baby, decreases after a week, and disappears within two weeks. In most instances, the jaundice is slight and can be ignored. Sometimes the jaundice becomes severe enough to require a blood test on one or more occasions. If you have any concerns about the color of your baby’s skin, call the office.