In Case You Missed It: Newborn Seminar with Dr. Lum and Dr. Wilson

We had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Brennan Lum and Dr. Jessica Wilson, two of our pediatricians, for our Newborn Seminar on Facebook Live. They covered various topics related to newborn and pediatric care.. In case you couldn’t join us, here is what you missed!

  • Choosing Your Pediatrician 
  • Feeding: Formula or Breast Milk
  • Sleeping Tips & Habits
  • Building Your Support System
Choosing Your Pediatrician

At Pediatrics East, we value relationship with our patients and their parents, which makes all the difference for parents when it comes to their newborn experience. As you enter the third trimester, we recommend starting the search for a pediatrician that is right for you and the needs of your family. While both Dr. Lum and Dr. Wilson both know that this can be quite challenging; their advice is to take practicality such as location and ease of scheduling into account, as well as recommendations from friends, family, and your OBGYN. However, it all ultimately boils down to who you feel most comfortable and supported by.

Feeding: Formula or Breast Milk

Feeding is a common source of concern for parents to newborns, and Dr. Lum and Dr. Wilson both know that it truly is a tricky process that comes with a learning curve. Your pediatrician is there to be your support system and help with any issues you may encounter. At Pediatrics East, use the resources of our Lactation Consultants, who specialize in this area and can provide services regarding all breastfeeding issues. If breastfeeding is not an option for your family, Dr. Lum and Dr. Wilson both emphasize on the fact that formula feeding is perfectly fine. A fed baby is a happy baby, and all that matters is that it works for your family. Don’t hesitate to call about any questions or concerns regarding your baby and their feeding process. 


Another commonly asked question the two addressed is the debate of whether you should let your child self-soothe, aka cry it out, or not. Dr. Lum and Dr. Wilson both agreed that any type of sleep training should not be done in the newborn period. The infant’s sleep cycle is not fully developed and it is completely normal that roughly every 2 hours during the night, your baby will cry and need to eat. However, each child is different and this will get easier over time. Once you reach the 4-6 month age, then you can discuss with your pediatrician about sleep training. Ultimately this decision is up to you, but both Dr. Lum and Dr. Wilson recommends staying consistent with the choice you make as children thrive off routine. 

Building Your Support System

While having a newborn can be an incredible experience, it comes with a lot of questions, concerns, and struggles. Having a support system to lean on is of the utmost importance for both the wellbeing of you and your child. Not only should you build a medical support system in your pediatrician and their office, it’s also important build a personal support system to help you navigate through the sometimes grueling newborn months.  Let your pediatrician be there for you during these times; no question is a bad question. There is certainly no perfect handbook for how to be a parent. Follow those maternal and paternal instincts and don’t be afraid to get in touch with your pediatrician!

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Nine months goes by quickly and delivery can sneak up on you. If you haven’t found your pediatrician yet, it may be time to start looking for an office and pediatrician that shares the same goals you have for your child. Give us a call with any questions you may have about the pediatrician search.

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