News Alert: Measles in Shelby County

Updated 6/6/2016: By now, you have likely heard about the 7 confirmed cases of the Measles in Shelby County in late April and early May of this year. If no new cases are confirmed between now and June 20, the Shelby County Health Department will declare that the Measles outbreak has subsided. However, as with any illness, we recommend that parents stay alert to the symptoms and informed about the benefits of the Measles vaccine.

The best thing families can do is to stay calm and informed. It's important for parents to remember that the Measles vaccine has proven to be highly effective. Those who haven't received the vaccine should be aware of the possible initial symptoms of Measles including a fever with a cough, pink eye (conjunctivitis) and a runny nose. A few days after those symptoms, a Measles patient will experience a rash starting on the head and spreading downward. 

However, these symptoms could simply be indicative of a cold or other illness, so again, parents should remain calm and refer to expert opinions. If you do suspect Measles in your family, you should contact our office at 901-757-3535 so that your child may be examined by his or her pediatrician. You should also know that Shelby County created a Measles hotline for the general public to ask questions and express concerns: 901-222-9299

Posted by Tim Flatt at 11:36
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