Child Wellness Introduction

Child wellness is really the crux of what pediatrics is all about. Many years ago, my senior partner Dr. Threlkeld told me that it is a pediatrician's job to vaccinate ourselves out of business.

We would all be happy if there were no more childhood illnesses, no kids at daycare had colds and no children had chronic serious diseases. But that is not the case.

During our well-child visits, one of our important tasks is to provide a general health assessment including nutrition and exercise, carefully observing growth and development, and helping guide you toward having your child become a healthy adult.

Many times minor abnormalities can be detected that, untreated, could lead to bigger problems down the road. It is much like automobile maintenance: fix the minor problems now or they become major problem later. We are here to help you keep your child "running great!"

This page was authored by Dr. Edwards.