Baby Development Chart

Developmental assessments are an integral part of every Well-Child visit with your Pediatrician. At each visit, in addition to the physical exam, your Doctor will look at the signs of your child's development, and insure that they are consistent with your child's age. Please keep in mind that the milestones are just guidelines, and each child will develop at their own pace. Your child is being evaluated closely at each visit, and your Doctor is trained to assess if there is any significant cause for concern about the level of developmental milestones which have been achieved. Please feel free to discuss any of your concerns with your Pediatrician at any Well-Child visit. 

The following outline will just give you a simple breakdown of the developmental milestones for each age group we see for routine check-ups.

Age Gross Motor Fine Motor Language Social
2 Months Raises chest off bed Follows 180 degrees Coos Smiles
4 Months Pick head and chest up & Rolls one way Reaches for objects Orients to voice Initiates social interaction
6 Months Sits with support & Rolls both ways Transfers objects Babbles Recognizes unfamiliar persons
12 Months Stands alone & Walks holding on Releases an object Single words Imitates & cooperates with dressing
15 Months Walks well Builds 2-block towers 10 words Begins to use cup
18 Months Runs, stoops and recovers Builds 3-block towers & uses spoon 10-25 words & Points to body parts Words to communicate
24 Months Walks up stairs & Kicks ball 4-6 block towers & Uses fork and spoon 2 word phrases & 50 words Removes clothes
36 Months Rides tricycle & Jumps from step Copies circle 5-8 word sentences Group play & Shares
48 Months Balance on one foot & Walks up and down stairs Copies cross & Catches ball Intelligible speech Dresses self & Wash and dry hands
60 Months Skips alternating feet & Hops 10 times Draws person with 6 body parts Ask word meaning Names 4 colors & Plays by the "rules"

Child Milestones

As your baby becomes a little person, there are many major milestones to mark developmental, physical, and emotional growth. 

While every child is different, there are distinct patterns that can gauge how your child is measuring up within his or her age group. If you ever have questions about your child's development, your pediatrician is here to help! 

Development Milestone Guides

Click on the links below to access additional information about each stage of your baby's young life. 

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