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Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash 

Virtually all babies will suffer with diaper rash or skin irritation in the diaper area at some point.  Diaper rashes typically result when urine or stool (especially with both together) stays on the baby's skin too long.  Other causes include irritants, allergic reactions to commercial diapers or wipes, or infections on the skin like yeast or bacteria.  Your doctor can prescribe the best treatment once the cause of the rash has been determined.  

For most diaper rashes, the following will help:

  • Change the diaper immediately when soiled, both day and night

  • Clean the diaper area gently with warm water at each diaper change and allow to air dry after gently patting dry

  • Apply a thick layer of any good waterproof barrier ointment to affected area.

If rash persists, spreads, or blisters, please call the office.   

 This page was authored by Dr. Lauren Mitchell.