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Formula Feeding

Formula Feeding Your Baby

You should sit upright in a comfortable chair and hold the baby in your arms in a semi-upright position to feed. When the baby appears satisfied, put him/her on your shoulder and gently pat his/her back just below the shoulder blades until he/she burps well. Then offer the formula again. This should be repeated as often as necessary throughout the meal until the baby is full and will take no more.

Initially, we suggest that you put 2 to 3 ounces of formula in each bottle. You will need to increase this amount as necessary to satisfy the baby. Do not start your baby on any solid foods until instructed by your physician. The nursery personnel will tell you which formula your pediatrician recommends for your baby.

In this modern age, using sterile canned formula preparations and water from Public Health supervised community sources, we do not feel that sterilization is necessary. Bottles, nipples, etc. may be adequately washed by hand or in dishwashers.

Once your baby has reached about six months of age, water may be offered two to three times a day between feedings especially in warm weather. Do not be concerned if this is refused because water is in the milk – both formula and breast milk. If you are breastfeeding, hold off giving water until your milk supply is established unless you are outside in very hot weather. Water need not be sterilized unless it’s “well” water.