Caring for Your Newborn 

Most new parents are totally unprepared for how their new baby will look after birth. They picture a round, rosy cheeked, smooth and curly-headed baby. This, however, is not the description of the usual newborn.

Most newborns have lumps, bumps, bruises, wrinkles and other things that may be a bit alarming if you do not expect them. Some characteristics of normal newborns may be alarming to their parents but are not signs of illness. These include chin trembling, lip quivering, passing rectal gas, noisy breathing without restlessness, sneezing, spitting up, belching, straining with bowel movements, and brief trembling of the extremities.

Even irregular breathing can be normal if it is not accompanied by restlessness, bluish discoloration, breathing pauses longer than 10 seconds or a breathing rate more than 60 breaths per minute. Most of these behaviors will disappear in 2 to 3 months.

We have outlined tips for caring for your newborn, based on the most commonly asked questions we receive from new parents. Select a section in the navigation to learn more.