Your Baby At Three Years

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In many ways three-year-olds seem to leave the baby stage and try to be young adults. They are a lot more capable in the motor department and certainly a lot more independent-minded and stubborn. Sound familiar?

They often have again much more desire than ability especially when it comes to dressing. It may take hours to get out of the house because you are totally prohibited from helping that sweet little daughter put on her shoes.

Most three-year-olds can talk a mile a minute with only about seventy five percent of that being understandable. However, some three-year-olds are just beginning to blossom in the speech department.

Stuttering is often encountered but in its brief form is harmless. I would simply suggest asking them to “speak easy” so as to relieve the pressure from the situation. Telling them to "speak slowly" does not necessarily relieve this pressure.

It is very normal for them to still be in diapers, so if all of your daycare friends and playgroup friends are potty trained but your child isn’t, they’re still normal.

If your child is “potty trained” but still wets their clothing daily, then the only person potty trained is you. That child may well benefit from wearing diapers or pull-ups until they are more successful with the bladder and bowel function.

Three Year Old Sleep Schedules 

All three-year-olds should be sleeping all night in their own bed. Period. If they are still coming to get in the bed with you, or if you’re having to lie down and go to sleep in their room, then you need help with this, and we need to talk.

Three Year Old Eating Habits

Some three-year-olds that have previously been accomplished connoisseurs now become Finicky Freds. Do not let this bother you as they will not readily starve or evaporate.


{A better name for accidents is “predictable and avoidable injuries.”} Three year olds tend to be gaining an independence at this stage and need closer supervision when going outdoors.

The 3-sters are swift and silent and may be near or in or across the street before you realize they are not beside you. The other place that three year olds are very dangerous is near the water. They all seem to think highly of their own ability to swim, but in reality are equal to rocks in their buoyancy.

Three year olds are a big responsibility but lots of fun, so go and enjoy.