Your Baby At Twelve Months

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Boy, the first year really flies by doesn’t it? It’s incredible how much this little baby has changed over the first year. The little rascal has gone from a teeny, tiny, fragile little baby that slept almost all the time to a little wild man that’s always on the go. If you think this year brought changes, wait until you see the next one.

One Year Old Feedings

At this point in the game your little one should be gaining expertise in eating anything that doesn’t eat him first. Unfortunately, this includes dog food and cat hair but also should include table food.

Whole milk should be the standard now rather than the formula from the previous months. Try to have him off of the bottle by 15 months if possible; the older they are, the harder it gets to wean.

It’s OK to introduce literally any food at this point including meats and eggs. However, caution should be exercised when feeding him solids that he could aspirate.

The four foods that are most commonly connected with fatal aspiration in children are:

  • hot dogs
  • grapes
  • hard candy
  • peanuts.

Please use caution when feeding your child any of these or any foods similar to these in texture and shape.

On The Move

Many twelve month olds have begun to walk by this time, but it is normal not to walk until the fifteenth month. Many children will pull up and walk around objects holding on but not fully let go until that age.

Speech at this point is usually profuse but only semi-intelligible. They may be able to say words such as “mama” & “dada” and a few other words like that, but frequently need a translator. An older brother or sister usually works well in this capacity.

Terrible "Teens"

The terrible twos are actually a culmination and end product of the terrible teens. The pattern of behavior and discipline that you set now will probably be carried out for life.

It’s certainly not too early to begin exercising some form of discipline on these little curtain climbers. Each family has to choose a form of discipline that is appropriate for them and acceptable by them but I see many more parents exercising too little discipline rather than too much, both at this age and later. Do not be afraid to spat the hand or leg or to even begin placing them in a form of time-out if necessary for continued defiance and disobedience.

This is a time to exercise your library privileges and do some research and reading on child discipline. Good books read now could be worth many hours spent at the family counselor’s office later.

Twelve Month Shots

The third Comvax (Hepatitis B and Hib vaccine) and Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine will be given today. A hemoglobin will be obtained to determine whether or not the infant is anemic after their first year of profound growth.

The MMR and DTaP vaccines will be given at the 15-month checkup.

CONGRATULATIONS on the first year and good luck with the next three months.