Your Baby At Two Weeks

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Okay, the honeymoon (if you had one) is over now. Your baby has certainly decided by now that it is fun to eat and likes to do so. He/she has also probably decided that crying is fun too. Although the hard work has begun, try to relax, you will survive.

Is this normal?

No, your baby does not need lotion for that dry skin on feet and hands. It is simply result of 9 months of swimming and will fall off. Lotion could do harm (if baby has sensitive skin).

And no, those noises from his/her nose do not mean the baby is allergic to anything. Very small nasal passageways make lots of funny noises when normal, small amounts of phlegm are present.

Feeding Baby At Two Weeks Old

Feedings should occur every 2-3 hours and hopefully every 4-5 during the night. Feeding should take about 30 minutes.

If bottle feeding, a ballpark amount is 3-4 ounces. However, remember Shaquille O'Neil and Olympic gymnasts were once babies and certainly ate differently (this does not imply that overfeeding your baby leads to a multimillion dollar sports career). If your baby differs from this greatly, we should discuss.

Babies will happily eat small amounts very frequently but this serves no one’s best interest. It is certain to exhaust a breastfeeding mom and therefore decrease the quality of the milk. Just because your baby cries and roots and sucks does not always mean he/she is hungry.

Use common sense, the clock, and trial and error. If it seems too soon to be hungry it probably is. Try stalling, changing diaper, putting down, holding, pacing, etc. You’ll often be surprised to see that the baby calms down for a while.

If not, try feeding. If it doesn’t work or if baby only takes a small amount, then they weren’t hungry. Allowing a baby that doesn’t know what he/she wants to overstuff with milk will certainly cause puking or a tummy ache. If you want to give that breastfeeding baby a bottle in the evening, go for it. It will give mom a break, let dad in loop and provide ease when you escape from parenthood occasionally.

I advise against giving water. It is unnecessary and if too much is given can cause major problems such as seizures.

Two Week Old Babies and Gas

News flash…your mom, your spouse, your pet, your boss, and even your perfect little offspring pass gas. Frequently, and it usually stinks. If it is done with a smile (I’m talking about your offspring, not your spouse, here) or with brief discomfort, don’t you dare worry about it. If it is done with a lot of crying and such it probably has more to do with your baby’s temperament than stomach. “Gas drops” are not terribly helpful, but harmless.

Sleeping for Two Week Old Baby

To get good uninterrupted sleep, you will need to wait until your child is 18 or your parents can take the baby to their house. No, it won’t be that bad.

Most babies sleep through the night by 3 months of age; that is not that far off. To help get there start establishing good habits now. Put that baby in a basinet or a crib to sleep. PUT HIM ON HIS BACK TO SLEEP!! You need to put that baby down awake so he/she can learn to fall asleep on his/her own. Mommy and daddy’s chest are cozy for a baby but when baby realizes its not there you’re in for an awakening regardless of hunger.

Let the baby sleep in your bed at your own risk. This practice is common is some cultures. However, those cultures continue it until children are grown. If your goal is different, I suggest you don’t start this habit.

Baby With Fever

If your baby has a rectal temp of 100.4 or greater we need to see baby. Usually result will be hospitalization and tests to screen for serious infection. For this reason, it is our hope that your baby does not encounter any virus until after 8 weeks of age when this rule doesn’t apply.

In the meantime, home is the safest place for the baby. When you need to get out, avoid crowds and well wishers. Ask visitor’s to wash hands. Those who are ill, especially children, even with “just a cold” should stay away.

Only check your baby’s temperature if you suspect something is wrong or baby feels real hot. Transient low grade fevers (99-100) can occur from over-bundling and a really good crying fit.

Spitting Up

Some is normal, but if it is projectile and frequent, or baby is real fussy let us check it out. An occasional large episode is fine.

What To Expect 

More of the same. Overall, better if patterns can get established. Baby isn’t real interactive at this point, which makes this stage a lot of work without a lot of fun. Hang in there, more fun ahead.

The two-month check up which will include those important immunizations, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, pneumococcus (causes meningitis), Hib(ditto), polio, hep. B and Rotavirus.

Parents Know Best

You are the parents. That means you are in charge. Take control. Advice from others, including books, are only options. Common sense will dictate. Do what feels right to you, and sometimes what doesn’t if you know it is for the best.