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Your Baby at Eighteen Months

Your Baby at Eighteen Months

Terrible Teens

Well, I suppose you have survived the first half of the second year! Moving right along! I hope that you have figured out how to handle the temper tantrums, eating and sleeping issues. NO! is probably the last word you want to hear for the 900th time.


You should be well-versed in feeding this little puppy by now. Still watch out for bad habits like too much juice and junk food. Again, if you don’t buy it, they can’t eat it.


I am repeating what I said at 15 months because this is important! Most babies are pros at temper tantrums by fifteen to eighteen months. Your little sweetie may not have pulled one on you yet but just wait, your turn is coming. When they do, it is best to completely ignore the temper tantrum. If you concede and give them what they want, you have just been whipped and the baby will try it again more and more often and more and more intensely. No child has ever cried itself to death by pitching a fit and yours is unlikely to break this record. If the tantrum occurs in a place where you can walk off and leave the child in the floor screaming, please do so. Within a few minutes they will have worn themselves out and moved on to more fun things. If it is happening on the kitchen floor and supper will burn if unattended, gently remove the child, place him in another room in the floor without speaking to them and return to the kitchen. Or if possible, leave the scene yourself and go to another room. They will freak out when they realize that you have left them in the middle of their fit. It is usually fruitless to spank or punish the child during a temper tantrum. That just acknowledges their quest for power.


You will set the stage for the next twenty years of behavior during the next few months. Please do not be afraid to be in control of your child and discipline them when necessary. Discipline is an art with no right answers but must be carried out with gentleness and love but also with firmness. It is not yet necessary to expect your child to behave as an adult in this regard. By the way, potty training should be a forbidden word in the house for the next few months, so don’t worry about that one yet.


Today we will do the fourth DTaP and last Hep A. Then no more until entry to kindergarten (the 4 or 5 year old checkup)! Those will be the last in the series of each the DTaP, IPV, MMR, and Varicella. However, this does not mean your child does not need a checkup until then. We need to see him or her yearly until college age to monitor growth and development and discuss anything pertinent to each age.

See Ya Back

At 24 months. Have fun!

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