Your Newborn's Environment 

Handling Visitors with New Baby

The main limitation on the number of visitors is how you and your baby feel. If you are tired, limit the number of visitors. Limit visits of children under four years of age to brothers and sisters. Avoid visitors with cold symptoms. Make visitors wash their hands prior to holding the new baby. Have hand sanitizer at the ready for all guests. 

Room Temperature for Infant

If you are comfortable in summer dress, the baby will be comfortable with light covering. On cold days, check frequently to see that your baby is covered enough to be warm and comfortable. Keep room temperature 70 to 75 degrees.

Clothing Newborns

Clothing and bed-clothing are a matter of common sense. Dress your baby as you would yourself according to the temperature. Some babies are allergic to certain materials, so watch for rashes in clothing contact areas. Do not use wool.