Your Newborn's Safety 

Smoking around Your Baby

There is now clear medical evidence that cigarette smoke in the air is harmful to your infant’s lungs and predisposes infants and children to ear infections. Therefore, no one should smoke in the same house or car with your baby. In houses with a central heating and air conditioning system, smoke is evenly distributed to all rooms in the house.

Car Seats for Newborns 

Each time your baby rides in a car or truck, he must be secured in a car seat. Using a car seat is required by state law and makes travel much safer for your baby.

The back seat is the preferred location for your car seat. If your car is equipped with a passenger side air bag, the car seat must be in the rear seat of the car. A healthy newborn infant can tolerate travel as long as the baby’s routine is not too greatly disturbed.

We prefer that you not take your baby to places where there are large crowds (malls, restaurants, nurseries) during the baby’s first 2 months of life. This is to avoid contact with people with infectious illnesses. You can take your baby out for “walks”; just dress him or her appropriately for the weather.