Your Newborn's Welcome Home

Siblings and Newborns 

A new baby in the family can be a stressful event for the older children. This stress cannot be completely avoided, but there are some things you can do to ease this stress as much as possible:

  • If permitted, have your older children visit you and the baby in the hospital. Talk with the older children on the phone while you are hospitalized.
  • Upon coming home with your new baby, have someone else carry the baby into the house. This allows you to be free to warmly greet the older children and vice versa.
  • Remember, the new baby will be receiving many gifts.
  • Let the older children help you with the baby as much as they would like to (within reason), but DON’T force the interaction.
  • Set aside time to spend with the other children that will not be interrupted by the baby. This reinforces the older children’s position and importance within the family unit.

These suggestions should help your other children accept this baby. We will discuss rivalry problems with you.

Babies with Pets

If you have pets, do not leave your pet and the baby alone in the same room. This includes situations where your pet may be able to get to your baby without your knowledge. This is for the safety of both your baby and your pet. Your pet may become jealous just as an older child might.